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I am not a mused or blogged down in promo hell

Yesterday was a good day. The nasty weather meant I had more time to do what I love to do most—write. I tackled a tricky scene in my work in progress and even though it’s still a mess, I can tell the story is going places.

But this morning I awakened to—nada. The muse is gone. I have not even a scintilla of an idea for this blogpost.

Part of the reason is I’m swept up and swallowed up in promo hell. I’ve read and listened and tried to learn what to do to get my debut contemporary romance out in front of the readers most interested in my genre. But it’s a huge learning curve and for an introvert like me, a painful one. It’s all I can do to put my real thoughts down here in a blogpost. (I’m so much more comfortable ordering my fictional characters around.)

I expect I’ll have some big news next week about my cover reveal and release date so stay tuned.

Until then please forgive the blog fog. And any advice on promotion gratefully accepted.

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