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Tough Mudder-hood

It's Mother's Day for another couple of hours. After last week's rant, where I uncoolly raged against those who would make light of a new mother's need to make choices in the workplace, a few observations: Nothing, no thing can ever prepare a mother to be a mother.There is nothing you can read, although yes,… Continue reading Tough Mudder-hood

the writing life, Welcome

“Meternity”? A woman wrote this? And someone published it?

Really? Fiction that's allegedly entertaining about a bogus maternity leave taken without a newborn? If only... I mean, really? When I first heard someone wrote a novel about taking a "meternity" leave, or a fake maternity leave to take time for "herself" to figure out the direction of her life, I was speechless. Days later,… Continue reading “Meternity”? A woman wrote this? And someone published it?