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“Meternity”? A woman wrote this? And someone published it?



Fiction that’s allegedly entertaining about a bogus maternity leave taken without a newborn?

If only…

I mean, really?

When I first heard someone wrote a novel about taking a “meternity” leave, or a fake maternity leave to take time for “herself” to figure out the direction of her life, I was speechless.

Days later, I’m still raw and incoherent.

No this was not written by a man.

This fantasy was, amazingly, written by a woman.

Where is the story?

Is it supposed to be funny?

And why are women always women’s worst enemies?

Because you have to know M. Foye that whether you give birth as easily as rolling off a log or agonize through nine months of morning sickness only to suffer through hours of pushing and an emergency C-section that the journey of motherhood at that point is only beginning. And it takes a heroic woman, a cooperative man, the help of family and friends and just plain good luck to pull it all together and survive the rollercoaster. And that’s just the first few months. Maternity leave is NOT a spa vacay. It just means you might have the chance to get to know your newborn a little, figure out child care and settle your raging hormones before heading back to the office.

Thanks for taking the conversation back to the Stone Age.

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