A Baker’s Dozen of Surefire Ways to Beat the NYC Heat #win a KindleFire


Welcome to the Wild Rose Summer Treat Blog Hop ~ New York City edition.

There’s nothing quite like summer in New York City. It ain’t the heat, it’s the sweat and the stink. Wait, did I say that? Surviving summer in New York City takes stamina. And a bit of imagination.

In New York we all want to squeeze the most out of every torrid day. We challenge ourselves to fast walk from home to subway to office to after hours fun and then back home again while still looking fresh as a daisy or cool as a cucumber. It’s an impossible task and yet something New Yorkers strive to accomplish even on the most sweltering July days.

Here are my thirteen, ridiculous and sublime, but tried and true ways of staying cool and having fun under the summer sun.

  1. Embrace your inner July lover with a jolt of icy, homemade, cold brewed coffee for breakfast (recipe below). Pair with frozen green grapes. I’m already feeling cool and civilized!

  2. Gather newly washed, still damp hair into a messy bun. Of course you know it will be dry by the time you get to work and this allows you to do a quick morning workout beforehand at the (air-conditioned) gym.

  3. Run a neckerchief under cold water and wear proudly into the subterranean jungle known as the subway. This Thelma and Louise-style fashion statement is on trend.

  4. Espadrilles, gladiator sandals, wedges, ballet flats, Tom’s, even Birkenstocks are back ~ wear them during the day and carry the heels. Then immerse your swollen tootsies in cool water before you rock your stilettos at night.

  5. Scamper through an open fire hydrant.  Sshhh! Kids in the city still do this. But make sure to do this before you get your…


  6. makeup/makeover done by a stylist at your favorite (air-conditioned) department store cosmetics counter.

  7. If you don’t have air conditioning in your apartment or even if you do: a) sleep on the floor on top of a water drenched sheet. Really cools you right off! I swear.b) go to the (air-conditioned) movies; Finding Dory, anyone?                                                   c) slowly savor one very large, very chilled Prosecco in an (air-conditioned) hotel bar.

  8. Speaking of bars, a sultry summer evening is the ideal time to visit a roof top bar. New York has many but a few of my favorites are: The Roof at the Met, the Viceroy Hotel or the Jane Hotel, Birreria, The Press Lounge, or Loopy Doopy (home of alcohol infused ice pops) just to name a few. This is hands down my favorite way to appreciate all of the dazzle that is New York City at night while catching an infrequent breeze.

  9. Devour a hot dog with everything on it and an Italian ice under a tree in Central Park. Sunglasses and romance novel, required.

  10. Visit a museum. One of my favorites is the Cloisters. Very inspirational for history lovers.

  11. Enjoy a boat trip around Manhattan via the Circle Line or any of the swanky schooners moored at the Chelsea Pier. Then down a drink (or two) at the Frying Pan on Pier 66 at 26th Street and the Hudson River.

  12. Take the subway to Rockaway Beach, Orchard Beach or Coney Island. Frolic in the waves and gorge on delicious eats. At Rockaway Beach eat at the adorably named Tacoway Beach and after an Orchard Beach sojourn, feast on amazing local seafood on City Island.

  13. Dance in your underwear. Remember to draw the blinds first. Or not.

    Recipe for Cold Brewed Coffee (aka the extent of my cooking ability)

Why cold brew? I like my coffee hot, but it’s undeniable that hot coffee just adds an over the top, overwhelming humidity factor in the summer. Besides coffee gurus say cold brew is smoother and less bitter. If you make it yourself, you might just save enough dollars to afford that air-conditioner.

You will need:

a large mason jar, OR a French Press OR any large container

Medium ground coffee

Sieve, strainer OR paper filter

Use a roughly a 1:8 coffee-to-water ratio, place your grounds in the bottom of the jar, and cover with cold water.

Stir gently until well combined, then cover and leave to steep for 18-24 hours, either in or out of the fridge.

When brewed, strain into a large bowl through a sieve or paper filter to remove the larger grounds.

Enjoy over ice or just cooled from the fridge. 


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16 thoughts on “A Baker’s Dozen of Surefire Ways to Beat the NYC Heat #win a KindleFire”

  1. OMG Charlotte! I love all your tips to beat the heat in NYC! My favorite has to be the tip about wearing a wet handkerchief, as that’s a new fashion trend. Very cool–and pardon the pun. I will also be copying down your list of local favorite spots so I can check them out myself!
    Kimberly Keyes

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