Wear the shorts.

I'm lucky enough to be on a vacation with the love of my life. We did not go far. But we are away. We've had time for lots of sun, sand, biking, food, wine, talking, reading, walking. You get the idea. And lots of time to think. Away from the hubbub of the city, my… Continue reading Wear the shorts.


Sticks and Stones

There are times in a writer's life when she doubts the validity of the choice to write. Although of course a writer will tell you writing is not a choice. She cannot help but write. She must write. Even if it's in a stolen few hours late in the evening when everyone else is asleep,… Continue reading Sticks and Stones


Author Interview with Charlotte O’Shay – NEW RELEASE: The Marriage Ultimatum

Please help me welcome author Charlotte O’Shay… Thank you for joining me today, Charlotte. Please tell us a little about yourself, where are you from? Where do you live now? Family? Pet… Source: Author Interview with Charlotte O'Shay - NEW RELEASE: The Marriage Ultimatum Check out my Pinterest Inspiration Board for the Marriage Ultimatum