Coffee Day is every day, Welcome

This post, this life, brought to you by Coffee

Good morning and Happy National Coffee Day!


I do so love that I live in a time and a place that takes the time to celebrate the really important moments in life like National Donut Day (sorry that one already passed on June 2nd).

It warms me to know we as a country are frivolous and smart enough to actually have a National Day to relish being a lazy mom (only on September 2nd ladies) and National Iguana Awareness Day (You also just missed that one. Mark your calendar for September 8th next year.)

In my case I needed to crawl out of my writing cave on a blustery weekday long enough to say drinking coffee is one of my earliest toddler (yes, I was three and that’s why I’m only 5’2″) memories. I drank it while gathered around the table with my extended family on any random weeknight, and it’s a staple of my existence today.

Its perfection surpasses my other two main food groups: red wine (makes me too tired) and dark chocolate (too fat).

It was there for me in college. Ah, the pre Starbucks days of endless refills on Bleecker Street.

On my honeymoon. (I love you honey, get me coffee now.)giphy

It was there for me in the wee hours of stumbling and bumbling through the newborn days of each of my children. And after every surgical procedure. (Don’t ask)

Coffee has always been there for me.


So today is my day to give back to coffee. Just kidding. I need it more than you.

Roses are red, coffee is brew. Stay away from my coffee and nothin will happen to you.






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