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Can we talk about another election? Please? or how my romance won this week’s Cover War

For the first time in my life I am truly skeeved (Italo-American idiom, look it up) by our national election.

This from a history buff, lawyer and cable news junkie.

But here’s the thing. Election 2016 is too crazy for words and I’m very sad to witness the hatred and ignorance out there.

Observing this Presidential election is like having a perpetual film of grease all over my skin~ like I’m gorging day in and day out on McDonald’s fries. (I love them but ick ~excuse me while I go take a shower.)

The election makes me sweaty and angry all the time like when its 82 degrees out in late October but our apartment is oven-hot— because the building turned off our A/C. (Oh right, that’s my real life.)

So I turn to the election that meant the most to me this weekend.

The cover of my debut romance is this week’s winner of the authorshout.com Cover Wars!


The talented Kristian Norris is the artist who depicted a lush and sensual cover for my headstrong main characters who both go from hard times and hard work to hope and happily ever after. I couldn’t be happier with it.

So I will revel in this week long honor.

I solemnly vow not to talk about anything election again on line (although of course I will vote).

And I won’t turn my television on again until Game of Thrones returns this Spring.The real life Game of Thrones will be enough for now thank you.

And yes, I will miss no drama Obama.

Here’s a GIVEAWAY: one random commenter this week will win a paperback of The Marriage Ultimatum by commenting on my instagram account, charlotte_oshay_author. Good Luck!











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