What’s as satisfying as dark chocolate? A sweet review #themarriageultimatum #longandshortreviews

I can’t wait to share (Book 2) #amodelengagement with you. Until then, I’m so pleased to share this satisfying review.


“Instant chemistry and sex sets this story racing along, titillate and heat the blood. However, the deep undercurrent of what truly drives twenty-three year old Sabrina Boyd and billionaire mogul Vladimir Grigory is the gripping element of the story—want to cry for both of them….Charlotte O’Shay uses backstory in a remarkable way to give the reader insight into the characters, to create emapthy, and to build characters that meet and beat the odds with determination. She has a smooth, very readable style.”

Read the full review at:


The Wild Rose Press:
ISBN(s) 978-1-5092-0814-2 Paperback
978-1-5092-0815-9 Digital




Kobo: ISBN: 10:1509208151
ISBN: 13: 9781509208159
Barnes & Noble:

ISBN-13: 2940158185540

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