Last Day Release Weekend Sale & Excerpt ~A Model Engagement~

Lacey & Connor heat it up in the excerpt below.

Sale ends tonight


 Ebook sale $2.50. That’s less than the price of a pumpkin latte.

Last day at half price.


Before this went any further, he had to be sure.

“Lacey, if I stay here with you, you know what will happen. There’s no way I can, what I mean is…” He gripped the hands he held tighter, fumbling, like he always did with her, for the right words.

“I know. You were right earlier. I do want you. I want you to stay. Just for tonight. No strings, no expectations. That is, if you still want me.”

“Oh, babe.” He raised her hands and pressed his lips into the center of each palm. He leaned over and his whisper dropped to a bare murmur. “Feel what you do to me.” He brought her hands down to the rest them against the bulge that strained beneath the zipper of his jeans. “That’s what you do to me. All the time. Every hour. Every day. I wake up wanting you and go to sleep hard as a rock just thinking about you.”

She pulled her hands from his to place them on either side of his jaw. She smiled and her eyes were a tear-washed, brilliant blue. “I’m all yours, sailor.”

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