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Limping into the new year #2018goals Keep your flu, mania, dementia and heart attacks ~We’re good here

It’s practically the last hour of the last day of January and what have I got to show for it?

A whole lotta good health.


(Rainy night Subway tile art)

My elaborate, pithy, New Year’s resolutions have been wadded up and thrown in the trash like 2016’s election predictions.

In their place I have one very simple goal, a mantra really.

Something I mediate on every day. Please let’s stay healthy family. image_53915149823358

(Subway wisdom)

2017 wasn’t all bad. There were some amazing moments and days, including two fantastic weddings


(Closing down the Ear Inn after the second wedding was a definite high point.)

and the publication of my second book. (Go Lacey & Connor)

And yet as the year drew to a close, the familial web began to unravel. My family and I waded into the dark and dangerous waters of back to back ambulance days, emergency rooms—the 24 to 48 hour stay kind— inpatient, outpatient, rehab and yeah we have no medicine for that- days upon days.


(Fighting contagion= not my best look)

Even the dog started limping with full body arthritis which meant we carried him up and down the stairs in our building for every potty break. Btw, he’s now on an amazing natural supplement and is acting like a teenager again.

The result? Pounds lost as I walked to my brother in hospital every day across town. Then boom, pounds gained again as I raced underground from the A C E line to the Q, Snickers bar clutched in my hand and gobbled down in one sugar load of an inhale before the 72nd Street stop.


(Not my train)

At the end of it, what do I know?  I can tell you some doctors, nurses, caregivers, EMS & family are golden. Some— not so much but you already knew that.


My loved ones survived and my loved ones stepped up. Youngest can cook, husband can listen to crazy midnight rambling (he has an advanced degree in deciphering exhaustion induced gibberish) and somehow we are geared up for the next round of happy occasions (another wedding) and planned surgical procedures.

I wish I could say that I found the energy to write and write and write through this.

I did not. My author hat was smashed in bottom of the bag that holds my water bottle, chocolate stash and surgical mask.

Writing is still my happy place. The place where everything makes sense. Because I say it must.

I wish everyone reading this an abundance of health in the new year. Because dad was right. If you have your health, you have everything.

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