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#greatamericanread Why do you read? I read for the joy of it, the escape of it, the fun of it.

Almost all of the top finishing books were made into movies begging the question of whether a voter was voting for the book or had only seen the movie. But again we’re talking about reading, we’re talking about books and what could be bad about that discussion? Not much.

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Of the top ten finishers, 7 of the 10 best loved books were written by women. Pretty cool. Whether their books were social commentary, coming of age, fantasy, or action packed, time traveling, historically inspired romance (Outlander series) I find that statistic pretty impressive.
I love that there are so many modern-some would say popular, (The Notebook) stories mixed in with what’s considered classic.
I’ve read most of the 100 books in the contest. I’ll definitely use the list to check off a few more. I read quickly. The Great American Read 2018 Results
If I like it, I devour a book, then after I’m finished, I go back to read it again (and again) to savor all the small moments I glossed over getting to THE END. Is that the true test of a favorite book? One you read over and over? Sometimes, but not always.
I read for escape. I read for the thrill. Social commentary is not my thing as a reader unless it’s woven into a story so compelling I almost miss it. I love a book that mingles facts and history into the spellbinding tale that so transports me all I can think about are the real to me people in the story and my fervent wish for their ultimate happiness, triumph and satisfaction.
But it’s more than the story. It has to be well written. Can you imagine the Outlander series written by anyone less gifted than Diana Gabaldon?
As an author, I stand in awe of every name on the list. As an author I also see how rational beings can disagree about story elements and choices the author made in telling the tale.
Is the true test of a story one that you loved as a child that you still love? (Hatchet, Call of the Wild,  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn) Or do you have room for many favorites in a lifetime? I don’t want to be limited. I’ve had many favorites over time and I love discovering something new.
How do you choose your favorite? Is it because the writing was sublime? (The Sun Also Rises, Angela’s Ashes, Outlander) Or did the book change you, make you see the world in a different way? (1984, Memoirs of a Geisha)
Which would be your top pick of the list? (At this exact moment from the list, Outlander)
Or like me, are many of your favorites not on the list? (Angela’s Ashes, Darkness Visible, Carrie, Sophie’s Choice, Angle of Repose, Anna Karenina)
Nerd alert: I love biographies especially of American Colonial figures. (Founding Mothers, Hamilton) This #greatamericanread was entirely fiction but authors hailed from multiple countries.

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