Know when to Hold ’em

Destiny. Intention. Chance. Vision. Aaahhh. Weighty words for the beginning of 2020. The new year does things to me. I think too much and too hard about the year gone by and goals for the new one.

Do you believe in fate?

Years ago I would have said no. I am a goal maker. I believe in intentional acts and choices made with a hard work and positive vision. La di dah. Nope. I did not spring fully formed onto this earth as the person I am today. A lot of who I am is out of my control. Birthplace. Parents. Siblings. Health. Then there’s that nature-nurture thing. *furrows brow at difficulty of parenting*

Destiny plays its part throughout our lives. Sometimes pure chance has everything to do everything. Ah the ironic luck of those folks who got to go on the maiden voyage of the Titanic!

I guess what I believe in this moment is we’re dealt a hand and it’s up to us to decide what we choose to do with the cards. The old “know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em” doctrine. Further mixing metaphors, I believe I choose whether to swing my bat at whatever big, fat fastball or slimy spitball fate throws into my path. I decide attitude. I can laugh, work hard and be grateful for the good things and try to laugh, work hard and be grateful in spite of the crappy stuff.

My romance Forever in a Moment takes place primarily during the week between Christmas and New Year. A time of celebration, reflection and new beginnings.

The Dedication at the beginning of the story is:

I believe in destiny.

i believe we drive the car but fate takes us on uncharted roads.

I believe in the hope and fresh start of every New Year.”


My wish for you and me? the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the strength to change the things we can & the wisdom to know the difference.

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