New Yorker to the core: Love Notes to NYC #4: how we tawk


Ever wonder why you’re obsessed with Seinfeld or you have a thing for The Nanny or Honeymooners reruns? I’ll tell you why. It’s hearing the New York-ese.

I love all words and people. A native Italian accent is bellissimo to my ears, a drawling cowboy puts me right at home on the range and I have to admit I’ve devoured every one of Diana Gabaldon’s books but I mainly watch the Outlander series to hear Jamie say things like, “Dinna fash, Sassenach.”

As a New Yorker there’s something about the words we choose and how we say them that’s funny and cool and completely on point for the New York life we live. I swear when I travel, (remember traveling?) I totally play a game where I try to identify fellow NYC folk by the nasal Queens accent ( think Fran Drescher in the Nanny) or the sing song way Brooklynites speak (Joe Pesci as Uncle Vinnie). And who can forget the Bronx Beat accent immortalized by Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph in the famed SNL Cawfee Tawk skits?

Take these everyday phrases

Cold beer here. Pronounced Coal Beeya heeere  by the beer vendor in the bleachers at a baseball game

Can I get a cawfee, regula and a toasted sesame with a schmear?  Your deli order of  coffee with milk and a toasted sesame bagel with a schmear of cream cheese

Gimme a slice, extra cheese (at the pizza place)

Get a mooove on, willya (what you mutter behind slow walking pedestrians #tourists)

He live in the city? (Manhattan)

No, he’s from upstate. (anywhere north of Yankee Stadium)

Why is she givin’ me the ill grill? She’s from Long Guyland.

New Yorkers don’t say in a New York minute but guess what New Yorkers do? We wait on line not in line.

The way we speak, tawk spells home, yaknowadimean?

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