New Yorker to the core: Love Notes to NYC #7: Any season is the right season if you’re in New York

Autumn in New York. Celebrated in song. Movies pay homage to it ala When Harry Met Sally . Photographers struggle to capture the true beauty of its architecture, energy and life. Though we try. And try some more.

Autumn in New York may be the quintessential New York of your imaginings but New York City in winter (Christmas lights, anyone?), spring (it’s the start of baseball season, folks), summer (New York boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches), all have so much to savor.

You say only autumn has the brilliance of changing leaves and Halloween? Only autumn has Thanksgiving and the World Series? Only autumn has my parents’ birthdays and my wedding anniversary and pumpkin everything? True, true and true.

This year I’m relishing the seasons of my hometown with some extra fervor, thanks to relief from pandemic shutdowns and acknowledging the loss and serious illness of friends and family (not all Covid-related). Autumn is the perfect time to to take a walk, ride a bike, have a cup of coffee (pumpkin-spiced or not) or wander one of our many museums.

So I’ll leave you with this thought. If you’re lucky enough to be reading a book by a fire or cozily chatting with a friend, if you can pick apples or bake them or sample a new variety, think how much better it would be if you were doing it here in New York City…  ; )




Autumn, Central Park, After the Rain
Near Pier 25, Hudson River Walkway at sunset.




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