About Charlotte

Well hello there Romance Lovers,

Like most writers I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing something. Growing up in New York City, the middle child of a large family, I’ve met and observed all kinds of people starting with my big, boisterous family.

I love talking to people, observing them, figuring out what drives them. When I see someone on the street I can’t help wonder about who they are and what they want out of life. Happiness? Sure. But what constitutes happiness for that person? Love? Security? Power? Honor? Appreciation? Money?

Navigating school and career, marriage and motherhood, for as long as I can remember, there was always one constant in any downtime I could find. Reading. I read everything but whenever I want to escape a really bad day, I pick up a ROMANCE. The essence of my stories whether set in NYC or anywhere else is the idea of home. Home as more than a physical place. Home in another person.

As a reader— more than anything I want to sink into a well told story. I want to experience every emotion in the character’s world. I want a story that makes me forget I’m reading a book because the feelings the story evokes in me are so real. The long anticipated first kiss, the arrow of pain when the black moment of despair hits hard. I want all of it.

That’s what I strive to bring to my readers. An escape into the sweet and steamy adventure of falling in love. Is there anything better than a happy ending?

My heroes are invariably hot alphas because why not? *wink* with a gooey center they only expose to their forever women. My heroines are strong and smart— sometimes bold, sometimes naive and always protective of their hearts until the right men enter their lives and try as they will, they just can’t resist falling.

I live with my suit and tie wearing corporate warrior on the lower west side of Manhattan with our last child, a black dog who thinks he’s a bear. When I’m not reading or writing, I’m dreaming of BBQ and the beach.

Favorite Movies: Terminator, Gladiator, all the other ‘ator movies

Influences: Bruce Springsteen, Audrey Hepburn & red wine

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xo Charlotte