A little about me

Is there anything better than a happy ending?

If you’re here, you’re like me and you can’t get enough of swoony, steamy romance. I’m obsessed with them too- so much so, I started writing my own tales of happily ever after.

As the introvert of my big family and living amidst millions of people in NYC, one of my favorite pastimes is wondering about the different people I meet. What drives them? What do they want out of life? Happiness? Sure. But what defines happiness for that person? Love? Security? Power? Honor? Appreciation? Money? So many people. So many stories.

As a reader— more than anything I want to ride the rollercoaster of a well told tale. I want to experience every emotion in the character’s world. I want a story that makes me forget I’m reading a book because the feelings the story evokes in me are so real. The long anticipated first kiss, the arrow of pain when the black moment of despair hits hard. I want all of it.

That’s what I strive to bring to my readers. An escape into the sweet and steamy adventure of falling in love.

My heroes are invariably hot alphas with a gooey center they only reveal to their forever women. My heroines are strong and smart— sometimes bold, sometimes naive and always protective of their hearts until the right men enter their lives and they can’t resist falling.

Want to know the essence of my stories? Home. Home as more than a physical place. Home in another person.

When I’m not writing, I’m dreaming of hanging out at the beach, an icy drink in one hand and a book in the other.

Favorite Movies: Terminator, Gladiator, all the other ‘ator movies

Influences: Bruce Springsteen, Audrey Hepburn & red wine

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xo Charlotte