Forever in a Moment

Deerbourne Inn



2nd PLACE: Hudson Valley RWA: Hook, Line & Sinker Contest

2nd PLACE: OKRWA International Digital Awards, Contemporary Short

A stormy encounter:

Samantha DeMartino’s Christmas wedding is two weeks away when her fiancé calls the whole thing off. Word on the street: his cold feet are being heated by an old flame. With her well-ordered world in complete disarray, Sam’s friends convince her to go on her honeymoon—alone. A week away from the city and her demanding corporate career at a charming Vermont inn, could be just what she needs to figure out next steps. 

Between his twenty-four seven work schedule on his family’s dairy farm and teaching tourists to ski, Jed Armstrong’s too busy to think about how lonely he is…until Sam sings her way into his life during a Christmas snowstorm. Now he has to figure out a way to convince her to stay. 

Can a vivacious city woman find forever with a reclusive farmer? Will her secret keep her from trying?

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The sexual heat sizzles between these two and without giving away any spoilers, their road to a hopeful HEA is plowed over with snow, family complications, and both their painful pasts.

I simply adored this book. No other word for it. The dialogue was witty, wisecracking, and snarky enough to put a smile on this native New Yorker’s face more than once. And Jed…well. Is it possible to fall in love with a fictional man? I’ll leave that for you decide when you read this beautifully written story.

Author, Peggy Jaeger, 5 stars Goodreads 

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, laughing along with the snarky self-deprecating narrator and applauding her inner turmoil as she uses the solo honeymoon to decide what she wants out of life. Set during the busy holiday week in Vermont, it’s not really a “holiday” story, but more of a journey of self-discovery for one woman, and made a fun read even in spring. Highly recommend.

AUTHOR Katie O’Sullivan, 5 stars Goodreads

The writing can be summed up in three words: intoxicating, emotional and irresistible. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. I ended up reading it all in one sitting.

If you’re looking for a romance with real characters all set in a quaint small town, pick up Forever in a Moment today. Another great installment in the Deerbourne Inn series.

Favorite Character/Quote: He plows a hand through his hair then captures my gaze with his and I can’t look away. “What’s happening is us. We’re happening. This is our beginning. You and me together. I’d started to think it would never happen. But it did. When I saw you that first night…I knew. And you did too.”

My Rating: 5+ stars, N.N. Light’s Reviews, Goodreads