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Tough Mudder-hood

It's Mother's Day for another couple of hours. After last week's rant, where I uncoolly raged against those who would make light of a new mother's need to make choices in the workplace, a few observations: Nothing, no thing can ever prepare a mother to be a mother.There is nothing you can read, although yes,… Continue reading Tough Mudder-hood

the writing life, Welcome

Wishing you a Klondike connection or Mr.and Mrs. Jack Sprat

I was sitting at this very desk a few nights ago attempting to add precious words to my work in progress. After a long, wearying Wednesday, the love of my life was unwinding in the other room reading the newspaper. Deep into Chapter 12 of the first draft of my next manuscript, I didn't realize he'd… Continue reading Wishing you a Klondike connection or Mr.and Mrs. Jack Sprat


The Marriage Ultimatum ~ Cover Reveal

Tah dah. Here it is. I'm so excited! The cover of my debut, spicy, contemporary romance, The Marriage Ultimatum soon to be published by The Wild Rose Press. Isn't it gorgeous? Kudos to the super talented Kristian Norris for a fantastic job breathing visual life into the story of Sabrina & Vlad and their journey to… Continue reading The Marriage Ultimatum ~ Cover Reveal